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Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Please find below a list of disorders that are currently proposed for the diagnostic category, Neurodevelopmental Disorders. This category contains diagnoses that were listed in DSM-IV under the chapters of Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence and Anxiety Disorders. The Neurodevelopmental Disorders; ADHD and Disruptive Behaviors Disorders; Child and Adolescent Disorders; and Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum, Posttraumatic, and Dissociative Disorders Work Groups have been responsible for addressing these disorders.

For a conceptual overview of developmental issues in DSM-5, which are being addressed by members of these work groups as well as members of the Lifespan Developmental Approaches Study Group, please see the paper by Pine et al. (in: Evolution of the DSM-5 Conceptual Framework: Development, Dimensions, Disability, Spectra, and Gender/Culture; 2011). We appreciate your review and comment on these disorders.


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