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A. Difficulties in production or comprehension of quantities, numerical symbols, or basic arithmetic operations that are not consistent with the

person's chronological age, educational opportunities, or intellectual abilities.

Multiple sources of information are to be used to assess numerical, arithmetic, and arithmetic-related abilities, one of which must be an

individually administered, culturally appropriate, and psychometrically sound standardized measure of these skills.

B. The disturbance in criterion A, without accommodations, significantly interferes with academic achievement or activities of daily living that

require these numerical skills.


  • Name change to dyscalculia to be consistent with international use
  • Changes reflect emergent evidence since DSM-IV that permits greater specification of dyscalculia in terms of poor basic numeracy skills (rather than poor mathematics as in DSM-IV). (eg., von Aster & Shalev Dev Med Child Neurol, 2007 Shalev et al, Dev Med Child Neurol 2005; Landerl et al J Exp Child Psychol 2009)
  • Clarification of severity requirements and need for systematic assessment.


Mathematics Disorder

A. Mathematical ability, as measured by individually administered standardized tests, is substantially below that expected given the person's chronological age, measured intelligence, and age-appropriate education.

B. The disturbance in Criterion A significantly interferes with academic achievement or activities of daily living that require mathematical ability.

C. If a sensory deficit is present, the difficulties in mathematical ability are in excess of those usually associated with it.

Coding note: If a general medical (e.g., neurological) condition or sensory deficit is present, code the condition on Axis III.

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